Friday, January 16, 2009

my design work

I'd like to start posting some of my own work for critique on here. I will be graduating in May and I want my portfolio to be in tip-top shape. I'll try to post more frequently about current events, design news, and my own stuff. I want this blog to be about design, but design is really about everything!

Here is an identity system I designed for wee talk, a speech therapy center for children in Richmond, VA. Amy Carlton is the owner and worked with me through Laura Chessin at VCU. They were both amazing throughout the entire process, and very patient. Amy focuses on treating preschool-aged children with apraxia of speech (a condition in which the child intends to speak, but cannot translate conscious plans into motor plans. In other words, the child knows what they want to say, but cannot say it.) She really loves what she does and was enthusiastic about every design approach. I was incredibly luck to have such a great experience with my first real world project.

The logo and identity as seen here were inspired by the moment of clarification for the child. The moment when they are able to connect their thoughts with their actions and speak.

the logo (Typeface: Futura):

Brochure: Front and Back covers (Typefaces: Futura / Meta)
//Click photos for more detail.

Brochure: Inside Spread (Typefaces: Futura / Meta)

What do you think? Any suggestions?

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