Monday, April 30, 2012

GOOD Ideas for Richmond

My only goal after graduating from VCU was to pluck my shallow roots and get the heck out of Richmond. However, fate intervened and I was offered an amazing job that kept me around.

Since then, I've experienced life here through many different lenses and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm really starting to love this city. – which is why I was so excited to participate in GOOD's new initiative – GOOD Ideas for Cities when it landed in our humblest of laps.

Participants were divided into 3 teams that tackled issues of Business & Development, Culture & Tourism, and Education & Economy. My group was tasked with bringing more money (and therefore people) to the James River, an under-utilized feature of the city. RVAnews and both posted great reviews of the results here and here.

Beyond the positive notion of this entire initiative, I have to say that the simple act of getting together with other active Richmondites and building ideas together just felt really good. The enthusiastic energy of the event itself made me feel so fuzzy inside, I'm ready to do this full-time!

Tentative plans have been made to meet again and push these ideas to reality.

I have to thank the awesome people on my team, GOOD and especially Alissa Walker for making this such a rewarding experience and catalyst for my own participation in the Richmond community.