Saturday, January 17, 2009



So, last month, I saw this commercial for a game titled LittleBigPlanet. The definition of cute, Sackboy (pictured) acts as the highly customizable mascot.

This month, I received my last issue of Print (bummer). I was confused when I realized that LittleBigPlanet was a feature story. But, the nature of the game could mean new and exciting things for designers. The game runs on Sony's newest console, Playstation 3. Sackboy is a platformer, and though the user is able to navigate pre-designed levels, they also have the ability to create their own. Your game controller acts almost as a keyboard, with Sackboy as your cursor.
"In the future," says Sven Travis [the founder and chair of the Communications Design and Technology department and Parsons The New School for Design] "all design work including print layout, print design--will be done on game consoles." {QUOTE: Print Magazine}

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  1. I LOVE little big planet. Ever since the first info about it came out, mike and I have been debating weather we get a PS3 so that we can have a Blu-Ray player and play LBP.

    That's pretty awesome that the design world is intrigued by the game. Although I'm a little skeptical about the idea of designers using consoles to create. As a frequent user of many different kinds of consoles, I can tell you that it would get to be EXTREMELY frustrating to design like that. I'll stick with my computer, thanks.