Friday, November 18, 2011

Advocacy through Industry

7 years after its inception, Apolis has opened Apolis:Common Gallery, a space to host exhibitions, collection releases, film screenings, and any other means to promote their mission. And what an inspiring mission that is...

Apolis is a platform for a network of global citizens who are empowering people through opportunity. Apolis co-creates products with manufacturers and we allow the market to determine the future of each item we produce. We know that donating proceeds can be effective, but we believe that advocating for access to opportunity and creating that opportunity is even better. As the line between development and business is becoming blurred in the marketplace, consumers are beginning to see their integral role in the process as they demand to know how, where and by whom their products are made. With select products, Apolis connects developing economies to the global marketplace through seasonal stories and tracks our tangible social results. –Apolis

Workers are empowered through opportunity instead of charity and customers act as benefactors, providing more possibilities for growth. Such a positive model for business.

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