Sunday, October 12, 2008

Music is Your Soulmate

Andy showed me this adorable ad for Fuse created by the Brooklyn Brothers. My heart. It's melting

I haven't had a chance to look through all of their other stuff, but they do have some pretty compelling ads for Reuters news source that everyone should check out.

I must confess, I am quick to judge the motives implemented by the advertising industry as a whole. After reading up on the Brooklyn Brothers' purpose, I am starting to realize that those generalizations that label the advertising world as one that nurtures lies are, in some cases, untrue.

"We believe that the creativity lies not in the multi-million dollar ad industry, but in the multi-billion dollar industries that support it. And that the enduring ideas at the heart of every great brand are seldom created in the mind of someone who went to ad school.

That's not to say advertising isn't important. But, the role of communications today is to make sure that a consumer can see clearly to the soul of the brand without having to stumble over an agency's imagined wit and cleverness. "

Not exactly based in ethical standards, but they're sort of trying, right?

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