Monday, October 6, 2008

a learning experience indeed!

My dad is a hero. Literally. He recently spent 21 days on a FEMA mission in Texas searching homes for victims of Hurricane Ike. Two days after he returned, my sister and I returned to the apartment to find a parcel of decent size waiting for us. We, of course, hoped for food.

Inside, we found two MREs, Meals Ready to Eat. Apparently, the team relied on these a lot when the power was out. My dad, in all of his supreme awesomeness, thought of Katie and I when he found the vegetarian meals and decided to save one for each of us.

So much cool stuff to say about these little treats, and definitely not enough time to explain them. Each meal is suppose to be composed of 1,2000 calories. They are meant to sustain units for a maximum of 21 days. I don't think I could last for 21 days on these puppies (which would probably be a good thing considering the 1,2000 calorie a meal situation).

The coolest parts were the flameless ration heaters. Assemble, add water, and viola! heat!
[Insert obligatory Rookie of the Year quote: "HOT. ICE. It's the best of both worlds!"]

They're pretty awesome little packages- designed well too!

Some photos of the endeavour...
And here they are, the sneaky bbq burger and the overly excited penne pasta.

Off to see the Obama rally FEATURING my good man Bill Clinton. With any luck, I'll have some images to post later.


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