Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The league of awesome possibilities

So, yesterday I confessed my newfound love for Richmond, my city. As luck would have it, I stumbled across a project that was born from Melanie Kahl's love for her own city, Chicago. The project is called The League of Awesome Possibilities. The name alone conjures up a sort of giddy nostalgia – little league, big league chew, a league of their own – all of it's just awesome possum.

Through public installations, an online presence and community-based events, The League of Awesome Possibilities hopes to "compile findings into a resource for the community to begin building from."

Successful endeavors include...
  • frequent "Neighborly Chats" with local business owners, featured on the tumblr here
  • the Local Business Valentine Project, encouraging locals to tell their favorite local businesses just how much they love them.
  • an interactive art installation at a local coffee shop displaying "possibilities" for the community
I'm also very happy to say that the group received a grant just yesterday from GOOD Maker to fund their newest endeavor, Possibility Potlucks. Read about it and all of the other totally awesome goings-on here.