Saturday, January 30, 2010


Oh my goodness! Look at all the baby wind turbines!
You have to admit, they're working pretty hard over there in China.
(Obama was right to address this particular issue in both his state of the union address and his remarks to the House Republican retreat on Friday.)
Though I would love for America to raise the bar and start innovating in the realm of alternative energy, I will say that I am happy this subject has become something important in the world, even to politicians!
I will also say that I appreciate the fact that China is designing their future with my affinity for cute and chubby objects in mind.
(you can read about their progress here at the new york times online)


  1. 快樂的微笑是保持生命康健的唯一藥石,它的價值千萬,卻不要花費一文錢..............................