Friday, July 10, 2009

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The Handbook to Building a Better World.

Dawn at Firebelly gave these out as a gift to each of the campers this year. Though I have not finished, I found this quote to be pretty inspiring...
"One of my lifetime goals is to be as generous as I can be. I am not the most brilliant thinker in the world, so I am not going to push forward the frontiers of human knowledge. Nor am I especially ambitious in my career, so I am not going to be the CEO of the next Google. However, I do have moral ambition. I would like to stretch myself to be the most generous person I can be. I think that is in my power. Even if I fail, it can't hurt to try." -Cliff Landesman, donor, volunteer, Trickle Up, Oxfam America, Natural Resources Defense Council, Lake Champlain Committee, Alaska Center for the Environment, WNYC, Pedals for Progress, among others; Brooklyn, New York
Though I'm not totally ruling out the idea of drastically advancing human thought or creating and running my own multi-billion dollar web venture, I can relate to what he is saying here and I appreciate that.

The quote sort of sums up the book as well. It explains every level of involvement with non-profits and emphasizes the importance of giving, regardless of amount. So, I suggest checking it out if you have the time and interest.

Thanks Dawn!

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