Monday, April 20, 2009

Olsen Haus Vegan Sandal!

Saw these SWEET vegan sandals designed by olsen Haus on inhabitat this morning. They are 100% Vegan and made of sustainable and cruelty-free materials. They are a little pricey, but they're beautiful and it would definitely feel good to know that the shoes you are wearing came from a company with this outstanding philosophy:
"The philosophy of olsenHaus is anchored in the universal truth, respect for all beings, with a dedication to the expression of truth in the material world. We are committed to being 100% animal-free / cruelty-free, producing functional goods, with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment. Products are made of non-animal materials, in sample rooms and factories that are personally checked for ethical practices & environmental impact."

You can find the shoes here.


  1. Great looking sandals!

    Another great vegan shoe site to check out, for a bit more reasonable prices, is

  2. has a great new Spring/Summer line with some pretty great looking sandals as well!

  3. Thank you both! These sites are great!