Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nick Hum

Found this article on woostercollective. Hum using ethics as the starting point for his business strategy and comes up with some clever ways to distribute his designed tshirts.

"In the Fall of 2008 I was pondering a few things. First thing I was pondering was the question of how ethical is it to sell someone a "Designed" t-shirt for 25-20 dollars? I found myself and to this day find myself perplexed about how someone has the guts to charge someone else that much for a "t-shirt". So I began to think of ways to distribute my t-shirt designs for very little costs. I came up with two ideas:

1. Buying thrift store shirts, printing on them, then charging a small amount because its used clothing
2. Establishing a system where people bring their own t-shirt, pick a design from me, and they only pay for the amount of ink I've use to hand print on them.

But then I came up with an idea that melded the two, a process which I'll explain in steps.
1. Buy 10 white t-shirts from thrift store ($20)
2. Screen print on them ($.25, elbow grease)
3. Return them back to the thrift store "



  1. Hi Sarah. so you return the tshirts back to the thrift store and where do you make your profit? Very Interesting......majah

  2. Well essentially you don't make a profit, in a sense you're doing the public and the thrift store a favor just by returning shirts. The purpose of this was to question and reverse the whole process of how a "t-shirt" designer gives, sells, his/her shirts.