Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kafka and the Problem of Authority

I am working on a magazine layout for Experimental Type and have chosen to use an article about the philosophical writings of Franz Kafka and Nagib Mahfuz.
"Franz Kafka and Nagib Mahfuz meet within the context of twentieth century existentialism. They attempt to analyze a man's existence. Because they are scrupulous in this attempt, cultural precedent is not admitted into their inquiries. They limit themselves to a deductive process on mankind."
The article presents a lot of opportunities for imagery. It attempts to connect two different men within one context and uses words like chaos and order, material and spiritual. Below are some of my (very rough) preliminary studies.

I started to focus mostly on the chaos/order words, probably because they give me the most room for experiment. During the critique, my professor and classmates leaned more towards the first set of images. We talked about more variety in column width and heirarchy. I also showed these photographs of the first experiment...

and we talked about incorporating them somehow. I would love any criticism or suggestions you guys have.


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  1. i really enjoy the line work in the photos you have of the first experiment. i think that got lost in your first layout with the blue, but i am still liking that one a lot.

    i agree with more variety in the columns instead of breaking up individual words