Sunday, April 12, 2009


Found this sweet user-generated art project/website, humus, this morning! Anyone can send in work to be posted to each issue (there are currently 12 issues) and everything is displayed within a moleskine-like sketchbook for everyone to see! There are some size specifications that you can find here, but other than that you are free to submit anything you wish.
Humus is a territory where images, creativity, thoughts and expressions have no border line or demarcation line.
I've posted images of work by Milan Grbovic below, titled spamconsumer/Visualizations of Civil Disobedience.


  1. so awesome. you stumble upon the best stuff

  2. too cool. thanks for posting about this!!

  3. u got it!
    picked the best artwork out of 12 issues ,-)
    greets - milan aka.