Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 VCU GDES Juried Show

Morrissey Letterpress poster by Michael Sean O'neill.

Tonight was the Opening for the VCU Graphic Design Juried show. I had planned on spending my day in 1509 W Main St (our building) doing work for my portfolio, but I ended up spending 4 hours helping to set up this show. It started at 5, which is very unfortunate because Oprah starts at 5 and I hate missing Oprah.

My friends are incredibly talented.

Letterpress work by Sarah Spear (left) and Jordan Weaver (right).

Book by Stephanie O'dell and John Cage Cd Packaging by Kelsey deSostoa.

deja new identity system by Kelsey deSostoa.

Self-portraits by Tida Tep (far left), Sean Kuhnke (3rd from left), and Berick Bacani (2nd from right).

My favorite piece. Letterpress by Berick Bacani.

I had a few pieces up as well!

Max Richter/Experimental Type Music Packaging - 24 Postcards in Full Color

Process Book for Print 2 with John Malinoski.

and a collaborative piece with Christina Gleixner from the Jean-Benoit Levy Workshop - Love Despite Aids (the one with the rubber ducks.)

Students from the sculpture department, graphic design department, and music department have been working together all semester to create the piece below. John Labra got our Senior Studio class involved and a lot of the students helped to build instruments or created posters for the performance. It's basically a huge percussion instrument made out of (mostly) recycled materials. These students performed for about half an hour during the opening. We watched from the second floor, it was pretty sweet.

i think that's all for tonight. i am listening to the ting tings and working on my portfolio. i should probably go to sleep soon.


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  1. Sarah, I wish I could have been there for the exhibit. Your work is awesome. Dad and I are so proud of you and can't wait for the world to discover you and your talent. Mawjah