Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Water

I was chatting with a classmate today about Scotland and recalled a drink that I found one day in Bagel Mania (this little bagel shop on Sauchiehall St that has THE most amazing Lemon Drizzle muffins I've ever tasted). It was called "this water" and when I saw it, I fell in love. The clever name and awesomely cute packaging was enough, nevermind the product (which was quite delicious).

I did a little research and found that London-based Pearlfisher is responsible for the re-design. This company was entirely unfamiliar to me until I took some time to peruse their website this morning. Today, they are my favorite design firm. Next week, they will probably still be top 5.

A short index of things I love about this company:
1. this water packaging

2. Quirky Dr. Stuart's Tea packaging.

3. The existence of their future insight program LifeModes "which seeks
to understand big cultural shifts and changing human needs."

4. Their stance on ethical design, "
We won’t work with brands that
aren’t truthful about what they stand for, or which are willfully damaging
life and the environment."


  1. I love your new blog design. It's crisp and neat and pleasing to the eye. It calms me....mawjah

  2. Simon Hoegsberg's website is very cool, I'm actually trying to read and write a lot now. Trying to take a break from design and find a narrative in my work. Since graphic design isn't exactly "fine arts", I didn't think much about my work.

    I thought it spoke for itself, poster, brochure, magazine, etc., which necessarily isn't true. Writing helps me become more articulate in my work. Your blog design is so you, thumbs up. Did you CSS it?