Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the luckiest

I posted a few months ago about the package of MRE's my dad sent Katie and I. Tonight I am posting about another awesome parcel that my sister and I received in the mail today from my mom! The image to the left is the beautiful hand-stamped card that came inside for me. Below is an image of the entire package.

The photo is a little blurry, but I want to point out the HANDMADE bookmarks and boxes. The bookmarks are hand stamped and combine a bunch of different patterned papers and ribbon. Each of the larger boxes (green and pale pink) held a Reese's heart. (Mmm, I don't think I need to explain that the boxes in this image are already empty.) They are both embossed with an intricate paisley design and tied with awesomely cute ribbons. The two little boxes each held a small, square, caramel candy. I am saving mine for later.

If you are interested in how she made the larger boxes, you can visit her blog, here!

I am so lucky to have a mom that puts this kind of time into a care package. She has always been crafty and has such beautiful work. Everyone is usually running around so busy, but she puts lots of time (and lots of love) into everything she does. We are really lucky to be at the receiving end of all her creativity and love.

Thanks Mom!


  1. Hi Sarah. I love doing stuff for you and your sister. I miss you so much and wish I could do more. Love, Mom

  2. aw, thats awesome! you mom rules! and so does your blog! we should get together at crossroads or something and you can show me how to customize my blog and make it look almost as cool as yours. see ya around!

  3. SARAH! these are beautiful. I am pretty jealous that you have such a creative mom who sends you her love in beautiful packages like that! next holiday you are welcome to relay my address onto her ;)

    You should bring one of the boxes and cards to class to i can see up close...just a thought.