Thursday, January 29, 2009


So, last semester, Leo Divendal came to VCU Graphic Design for our guest lecture series, Objects + Methods. The students in each section of letterpress were invited to do a week long workshop with him (awesome for them, bummer for me). 5 guest lecturers come each semester and a lot of the designers will do workshops with students. Anyways, next week Jean-Benoit Levy, noted experimental typographer, poster designer and author, is coming for O+M and, this time, my class was invited to participate! The iamge above is from his book Handbook, written about his creation of an alphabet based on hand signs.
"Jean-Benoit will be working with students to create either a poster or a short Flash animation (depending on student's interest) around a central theme. He will work with you to develop your ideas and your design.It will be an amazing opportunity to work directly with Jean-Benoit who hails from the Basel School in Switzerland."
I have not had the chance to work on many posters in the last two years, so this is going to be an awesome experience.


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